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To Control Your Weight


Troy will support you as you achieve your weight loss goals.

To Control Your Nutrition


Troy will guide you into making food choices that are fun to prepare, good to eat, and healthy for you. 

To Control Your Motivation


Troy will help keep you motivated to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals.

To Control Your Body


Troy provides regular "check-ups" so you will be amazed at  how fast your personal transformation happens. 

To Control Your Fitness


Troy will assist you in making fitness a consistent part of your daily life.

To Control Your Wellbeing


Troy will collaborate with you in discovering the restorative and health benefits of leading a more healthy lifestyle.

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About Troy

A Trainer Who Cares

At Troy Dameron Fitness, we take your fitness and nutrition goals seriously. For many, losing weight and getting in shape may seem overwhelming.  His goal is to help you overcome these hurdles, reach your goals, and have fun in the process. He will analyze your nutrition habits, posture & movement patterns, body type, BMI, and metabolism, working with you to create your individualized fitness and nutrition success plan.  He will work with you to keep you on track and motivated during the process of reaching your fitness and nutrition goals.  

Knowledgeable Training Expertise

Troy is nationally certified through the NCCA accredited American Council on Exercise since 2009.  He also holds several specialty certifications.  With many years of training and nutrition experience, he is capable of analyzing your body and creating a fitness plan that will help you not only reach but maintain your hard earned goals. His in-home private training programs focus on healthy eating and consistent exercise, to ensure you achieve the best results in the least amount of time. 

Your Success is #1

Troy understands that in the beginning adopting new fitness and nutrition habits can be quite challenging, often times falling short of expectations. His #1 priority is your success.  He will guide and empower you to transform your own views on fitness and nutrition, so that these essential components of leading a more healthy life, become a natural part of who you are. He strongly believes that if you practice healthy fitness and nutrition habits consistently, you will be able to successfully achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


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Bob Ackley Age 78 At The Top Of Half Dome, Yosemite



"Last September my cousin Dennis, his son Adam and myself (at age 78) hiked from Yosemite Valley to the top of Half Dome round trip, in one day, a distance of a little over 21 miles including side trips! To prepare for the hike and climb of Half Dome, I contacted Troy Dameron Fitness. Troy had me training with weights to strengthen the upper body, arms and shoulders so that I could safely use and hold onto the cables during the near vertical climb on Half Dome.  I had climbed Half Dome several years before when I was much younger, so I knew how demanding holding onto those cables would be on my arms.  I've had surgeries on both shoulders and some limited use of my right arm, so I was a little concerned about my strength in that arm.  Thanks to Troy I had no issues with either arm during the climb.  He also had me perform step ups and other exercises to strengthen my legs, as there are several hundred steps to climb up the Mist Trail, Nevada Falls, and to reach the bottom of Half Dome.  In addition to riding my bike, I hiked 9 miles a day for about a month prior to the hike in the hills at Sycamore Park. The exercises Troy had me do were invaluable in getting me in top shape for this arduous adventure.  His help made this hike possible for me at 78.  Thanks Troy!"

Bob Ackley


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Custom Designed Exercise Programs & Nutritional Guidance To Maximize Your Results


Your Success Is Our #1 Priority

To ensure the results you deserve, long-term commitment to exercise and healthy eating are highly recommended.  We carefully pre-screen our program candidates so that they can secure the best training programming and nutritional guidance.  We will work with you to formulate the best plan of action to meet your needs & desired outcomes! 

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